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Event Post: Gucci's Artisan Corner

I was invited to the press preview for Gucci's Artisan Corner event held in conjunction with the newly opened boutique at The Gardens Mall in KL. The Florentine artisans were flown in specially for this event, and we got to witness the craftspeople (I say "people" cos there were both men and women on the team!) working on bags from the Bamboo collection - Hip Bamboo, Bamboo Shopper, and the iconic New Bamboo. We were told how the bamboos were treated, bent into shape, lacquered, and affixed onto the bags, and we got to watch how the straps were made (both machine- and hand- stitched) and then how the lining was cut and sewn into an unfinished bag. There was also a embossing station where you could get your initials embossed onto any Gucci item purchased during the event!

Lacquering the Bamboo handle

The alphabets and tools  for hot stamp embossing

Treated but uncut python leather

Hip Bamboo in the process of completion

Hand-stitching the leather strap

Stitching Machine

Hardware to be fastened onto the ends of the bamboo handle

Embossing in progress

Closeup of Karung leather

Closeup of Ostrich Leather

Design sketch - Hip Bamboo 

Design sketch - Bamboo shopper

A total of 50 semi-finished bags were brought in (available in both exotic skins and leather) for customers to purchase. Upon purchase, you can book an appointment with the artisan and you'd be able to witness the them completing and assembling your bag in front of your very eyes! It takes just a mere one and a half hours to complete, and only bags specially made by the artisans would have a leather plaque sewn onto the interior of the bag with "Malaysia AC 2014"  (AC for Artisan Corner).

And then on the other side of the store, was a Bamboo mini-exhibit of archival pieces from the 1950s to 1960s..

Gucci Bamboo Accessories from the 1960s and 70s

Oh, and while it isn't uncommon for there to be photobooths at events nowadays, Gucci has upped the ante providing Instaprints! All you have to do is use the hashtag #GucciArtisanCorner on your Instagram uploads, and you'd get card-sized printouts! 

Special thanks to Gucci for the invitation!