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Labels , , , , , Newsflash: Cara Delevingne For Mulberry Collection Launch!

Newsflash: Cara Delevingne For Mulberry Collection Launch!

Mulberry unveiled their latest collaboration at 1:30pm London time yesterday (9:30pm Malaysian time) at Claridge's. It's a collaboration with Cara Delevingne! Yep, Cara designed the collection, hence being named "The Cara Collection" and it looks as if the Brit It model is bringing backpacks back in fashion! Backpacks (or rucksacks in Brit speak) come in 3 sizes including a mini version. And the key details for the rest of the collection? Camouflage, quilting and studs.

Now here are the photos of the collection launch off Instagram.











 I personally am not a fan of backpacks and to be honest, this collection doesn't really tickle my fancy. If I had to pick one though, it'll probably be the studded Bayswater, but then again, I ain't really a fan of the Bayswater anyway....  Do YOU see anything you like?