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Milan Fashion Week : Fendi Fall/Winter 2014

Fendi's Fall/Winter 2014 show opened with a few chimes of the bell followed by Cara Delevigne opening the show dangling the latest bag bug (called bag boy) between her thumb and index fingers in tow - one of Karl Lagerfeld made of fur, which, while some find cute, I was quite surprised because it felt rather morbid and ominous, much like a voodoo doll of sorts.

The Verdict: There seemed to be an abundance of rather boxy mini bags that came down the runway, along with a slightly less slouchy version of the Peekaboo, and of course, the latest Fendi silhouette, the 3 Jours. Similar to Gucci's Fall/Winter 14 collection, Fendi's was also very simple. In short, sans beading or prints, it was a very subdued collection with pops of colour. The RTW collection, was a whole different matter with the artistic camouflage print and paint splattered motifs, coupled with fur, pleats and orchid details.

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