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Labels , , , , Diane von Furstenberg's Special Edition Horse Clutch for Chinese New Year!

Diane von Furstenberg's Special Edition Horse Clutch for Chinese New Year!

Bring on the festivities! Couture Fashion Week has kicked off, Chinese New Year is just over a week away, then comes Fashion Month and Valentine's Day! What a fashionable start to the year it is! 

Malls are jam packed with shoppers trying to find new outfits and accessories for the Lunar New Year, and I sure was doing that over the weekend! Well, I usually shop throughout the year, and then set pieces aside to be worn for Chinese New Year, but the downside is that the clothes I've set aside would already be on crazy discounts before I've even gotten round to wearing them. And since this year, shop I did, but keep I most definitely didn't, I, too, was one of those crazy peeps scouring the malls over the long weekend to try to find some clothes for CNY. I mean, since young, I made sure I had a new something to wear for each day of CNY (that's 15 days worth of new outfits), but this year, thanks to breaking my "setting aside" ritual, I only managed to find a few pieces. Boo-hoo. 

So if you're in a similar situation as I'm in right now, and still haven't found your CNY gear, then here are a few Year of the Horse themed special items from Diane von Furstenberg in both black and auspicious red available at the DVF boutiques in Pavilion and Suria KLCC!  
New Julian Lucky Horse Tiny Black Wrap Dress, RM 1,580

New Julian Lucky Horse Tiny Red Wrap Dress

Lucky Horse Envelope Clutch in Black, RM 1,110

Lucky Horse Envelope Clutch in Papri, RM 1,110

Good luck with the CNY outfit hunt!

Images courtesy of DVF