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Balenciaga's Holiday Collection Bags

Balenciaga's Holiday Collection for 2013 is all about mini bags and what I initially thought were covered leather studs, were actually made of rubber. 

Apart from the iconic classic City bag, the others that are available in miniature size for this Holiday collection include the Pompon, Twiggy and the Bowler, while the envelope clutch and classic long wallet are the usual regular size, but just with the rubber studs. But what I love most about the Holiday collection is the colour palette with 5 colourways for each style - Noir, Gris Clair (light Grey), Poppy, and my favourite pastels, Rose Poudre (light blush) and Bleu Layette. 

Mini Bowler in Noir

Mini Bowler in Bleu Layette

Classic Envelope clutch in Bleu Layette

Classic Long Wallet in Gris Clair

Classic Long Wallet in Noir

Classic Envelope in Noir

Mini City in Bleu Layette

Mini Twiggy in Rose Poudre

Mini City in Rose Poudre

Mini City in Poppy 

Mini Pompon in Gris Clair

The Holiday collection is now available at Balenciaga KLCC. Prices begin at RM 4,000+ and above

Images via Balenciaga