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#PFW: Chloé Spring/Summer 2014 Bags!

Chloé's Spring/Summer 2014 collection had a rather laidback and relaxed feel. In fact, it really made me think about how the Ready-to-Wear line would be just right for the desert or an island resort vacation (yes I'm thinking of Abu Dhabi in the Sex and the City 2 movie, lol)  While the "sandy" runway certainly contributed to this overall vibe, my reason for saying so is mainly because the clothes look so relaxed and chic (not sloppy as the relaxed feel vibe usually channels).

The leather goods, on the other hand, apart from the latest Baylee bag by Chloé (from Fall/Winter 2013) which did make an appearance on the runway (albeit folded into half and carried like a clutch instead), the bags for Spring/Summer 2014 seemed to be on the smaller side, in crossbody style. While I wouldn't exactly call this a stellar collection in terms of the bags, it is rather pleasant and easy on the eyes, yet practical too.

Images via Chloé