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Labels , Newsflash: Hermès Unveiled the Launch of Le Flâneur Bicycle!

Newsflash: Hermès Unveiled the Launch of Le Flâneur Bicycle!

News just in this morning, that our favourite folks from that Orange Box company (aka Hermès) has just launched a bicycle!

Just unveiled in Paris yesterday, Hermès has announced the launch of 2 completely handmade in France unisex bicycles: Le Flâneur (for leisurely purposes) and Flâneur Sportif (for cycling enthusiasts). A collaborative effort with bicycle manufacturers Time, it comes with a carbonfibre body, hydraulic brakes, 8 integrated gears for the Flâneur, and 11 gears for the Flâneur Sportif, it really isn't your average prissy bicycle. And of course, it being Hermès there HAS to be leather on them. Both are trimmed with bullcalf leather on the handlebar grips, the saddle, luggage rack support and the carry handle.

Flâneur Sportif


Images courtesy of Hermès