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The Lulu Guinness Paint Project Handbags

The Lulu Guinness Paint Project sees the designer collaborating with Crime artist Joseph Steele to create 180 exclusive paint-splattered bags which feature the brand's signature lips motif. According to Guinness, she wanted to fuse the worlds of Art and Fashion to create "something that's never been seen before".

The artist Steele worked with explosive experts SysFX to splatter the bags with Red, White and Black paint. It certainly is a novel way of paint splattering, that is more akin to a rounds of bullets being fired from a machine gun rather than anything else. Watch the video below to see how it's done!

With only 180 available worldwide, bags from the Limited Edition Paint Project Collection is available at selected Lulu Guinness stores worldwide as well as the online store for £295. Each bag is personally signed by hand by Lulu Guinness and artist Joseph Steele (and it ain't one of those embossed printed on signatures either! - see photo below)

Images via AFP and Lulu Guinness