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Labels , , Newsflash: Robert Pattinson is the Face of Dior Homme!

Newsflash: Robert Pattinson is the Face of Dior Homme!

Alright, all you Twilight fans out there, especially Team Edward, would be delighted to hear that Robert Pattinson, he has been announced as the New face of Dior Homme!

Well, the fashion world actually caught wind of this a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd hold back the news till more images of R Patz has been released because Dior seems to be teasing us by only releasing us 1 image at a time of the latest Dior Homme Parfum campaign.

The first image was a voyeuristic one of him wearing a blazer, immersed in a bathtub and admiring the legs of a woman.

The next image released by the Maison was of R-Patz leaning against a scaffolding. with New York City as the backdrop.

In the latest teaser shot, Pattinson is all suited up in Dior Homme, seated on a rooftop.

The entire campaign is shot by Nan Goldin, with the FULL ad campaign to be revealed in September. Stay tuned for a video clip by French art-house Filmmaker Romain Gavras starring your vampire heartthrob!  ;)

Images via AFP