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Labels , , The New Saint Laurent Clutch with the Old Logo!

The New Saint Laurent Clutch with the Old Logo!

Photo via @officialselfridges Instagram

I am rather delighted that Hedi Slimane had the decency to keep the YSL logo after all! This clutch is indeed a variant of the Belle de Jour clutch, but this time around, the logo is in brushed gold hardware instead of the embossed version of its predecessor. But there IS one significant difference, though, and perhaps, to many, THE most important factor of all: the PRICE. Reliable sources tell me that this clutch will retail for approximately RM5,000-6,000 which is almost 3 times more than the previous Belle de Jour.  

Although this is certainly a classier upgrade in comparison, I personally prefer the embossed crackled patent leather Belle de Jour because the embossed logo makes it less in-your-face and much more youthful. What about YOU? Thoughts?