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Newsflash: Grab the last of these YSL goodies at Pavilion!

I was at Pavilion recently, and although the YSL store hadn't been renovated to look like the other newly revamped stores overseas after Hedi Slimane had taken over as Creative Director, I noticed that even though the YSL logo was still on both the right and left pillars of the facade, the store is now called Saint Laurent Paris - the very words I dreaded to see.

And because I'm quite a YSL fan myself, I decided to pop into the store to see what items I'd be able to grab before they cease to exist. I was delighted that several designs (and yes I'm talking mostly about the bags) from Stefano Pilati's time at the brand were still on the shelves, although most of the bags had been replaced with Slimane's minimalistic ones.

Here are the items that are left: 

The Belle de Jour clutch is perhaps the only item with the full YSL logo. Several pieces in Fuchsia, Black, Orange, and Metallic Silver (in crackled patent leather) and Fuchsia in glossy patent leather are still available in store (but only in the large size). The SA tells me although this has been discontinued, new clutches with the logo will be available next season (ha! I'll believe it when I actually see it! pftt) but with a different price point - approximately RM5,000 - 6,000 for each clutch!

 Yet another of YSL's highly coveted items, which I myself, am a fan of, so I'm super disappointed that the Arty has been discontinued. However, there still are several pieces left in full silver (without stone - shown above), full gold (without stone) coral, and a few other colours. Sizes are limited so please snap em up before they're all gone!

Well, the Chyc clutch will NOT be discontinued (at least something from the 'old' YSL is still retained, eh?) but what I did notice was that the hot stamping inside the clutch now says "Saint Laurent Paris", which isn't too bad. The mini Cabas Chyc, however, will cease to exist after this season.

So, will YOU be getting anything for keeps? If so, which ones?