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Event Post: Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013 Women's Press Presentation

Every season, well, for the Asia-Pacific region at least, Louis Vuitton selects a different Asian city for their press presentation to be held. This time around, for the Women's Pre-Fall 2013 collection was held in KL, on Wednesday 27th March 2013 at Menara Worldwide.

Apart from the models posing with the Pre-Fall collection, the venue was also set up in the form of a mini-exhibit, divided into several rooms that paid tribute to the foundations upon which the brand was built -Luggage and Travel. There were 4 rooms in total: the Icon, Noe, Travel and of course, the Pre-Fall Ready-to-Wear (shown above).

First up, the Noe room. One of the Vuitton classics, the Noe has been around for decades. The one that I probably remember the most is the tri-colour Epi one from the 1990s which was reintroduced last year.

The Icon Room:

And finally, the Travel Room:


My favourites of the season were most certainly the new Sobe clutch and the eye-popping candy coloured Epi Luggage trolleys! I'd take one in every colour please!!

Thanks to Louis Vuitton for the invitation!

All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton