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Labels , , , Bottega Veneta x Nancy Lorenz: The "Skies and Beyond" Project

Bottega Veneta x Nancy Lorenz: The "Skies and Beyond" Project

Bottega Veneta has collaborated with artist Nancy Lorenz for their third collection in a series of lacquered boxes. Following the success of "Botanical" (2002) and "Lunar Landscapes" (2003) collections, this third instalment is a set of 25 leather and suede boxes bears the Lorenz's artwork under the theme "Skies and Beyond".

The artist, Nancy Lorenz

Launched on April 9th, at the Via Montenapoleone boutique, these boxes are true collectors' pieces! Each of the 25 boxes are all signed and numbered, and throughout the year, will be displayed at select Bottega Veneta boutiques worldwide - sort of like a roadshow, if you will. Made of wood sheathed in crafted leather or suede, each lid featuring the artist's pieces are worked on layer by layer, with precious metals such as silver, white gold, blackened silver, palladium, caplain, and moon gold leaf. A precious box for all your little treasures indeed!

“I’ve always followed Nancy Lorenz’s work and felt the time was right for us to introduce this long awaited third collection,” says Creative Director Tomas Maier, “I appreciate her refined technique, textural work and overall artistic sensibility, and am delighted to work with her again on this unique project.” 

 Here are some of the boxes from the Nancy Lorenz x Bottega Veneta collection: 

Image box 10/25: Silver Leaf, Resin, Bronze Powder

Image box 09/25: Moon Gold Leaf, Black Clay, Gesso
Image box 01/25: Silver Leaf, Resin Mother of Pearl, Pigment

For more info on the boxes, head on over to The "Skies and Beyond" dedicated Website


Credits: "Skies and Beyond" Artworks by Nancy Lorenz

All images courtesy of Bottega Veneta