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Bag Addicts Anonymous Collaborates with Gucci!

Bag Addicts Anonymous Collaborates with Gucci!
Bag Addicts Anonymous Represents Malaysia in Gucci's Global Campaign! Click Image above to Read All About It! ;)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video: Karl Lagerfeld on The Karl Lagerfeld x Net-a-Porter Collection

A couple of days ago, Karl Lagerfeld launched his collection for Net-a-Porter; a capsule collection that is solely available exclusively on the website. 

Items flew off the virtual shelves with several pieces from his entire collection (well it was 7 when I checked) completely sold out within a matter of hours! 

Wanna see what Karl says about his collection? Watch the video below! 

Video via Vogue Online

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gucci's Valentine's Day Collection

So Hearts Day is just around the corner, and all you guys who read this blog, perhaps you might be able to find something from Gucci's Valentine's Collection, items of which are already in stores. And to all the ladies reading this, here are some gift ideas you can hint about to your significant others, but well, don't hint too subtly because we all know that (most) guys need everything spelt out for them, because men don't usually catch hints anyway. ;) You'll also be delighted to hear that I have stated the prices for all the items below, and there is definitely something for every budget! 

Leather belt with embossed GG monogram and Heart Logo: RM 1,470

Monogrammed Canvas Belt with red leather trims and Heart GG logo: RM 1,370

Phone Charm, RM 250

Leather Tote with Embossed Monogram and Heart Tag, RM 9,910
RM 8,260
for the smaller size

Logo jacquard Tote with red leather trims and heart tag: RM 5,990

Long wallet RM 1,890

RM 1,640

RM 1,720

RM 1,570

Mirror with GG embossed leather case: RM 1,180

Heart Charm: RM660

GG embossed leather phone strap with Heart detail RM 340

RM 1,520

Wallet on Chain RM 2,140

Cosmetic pouch RM 780

Cosmetic Pouch in logo jacquard RM 780

Have you picked your favourite item yet? Share your favourite!

Images courtesy of Gucci

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loewe's Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

The model who closed Loewe's Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk show at Fashion week is also the face of Loewe's Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Model Saskia de Brauw stars alongside Spanish male model Christian Cruz in the campaign set at the Ritz Hotel in Spain.

Loewe's house icon, the Amazona -- I love the colours!

The "Flamenco"

Christian Cruz with the "Vigo" from Loewe's Men's Line

The "Granada"

According to Loewe Creative Designer Stuart Vevers, Saskia embodies the Loewe woman because "[t]he fact that Saskia is 30 years old and a grown-up woman was an important actor in her casting. She maintains the Loewe tradition of having a woman who is self-possessed, striking, sophisticated and strong."

Images courtesy of Loewe

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fendi Debuts Fendilicious Collection For Spring/Summer 2012

Fendilicious Wallets on Chain - SGD 1030 each

Fendilicious Wallet On Chain SGD 1030

Zippered Wallet SGD 735 

New for Spring/Summer 2012, Fendi debuts a line of SLGs called Fendilicious. This patent leather collection features a variation of Fendi's "FF" logo encased diagonally in a square, and all interconnected by a web. Shiny, shiny, shiny!

Images courtesy of Fendi

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Favourite Picks from Fendi's Pre- Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

I had a tough time picking my favorites from Fendi's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, but it came down to these:

But before I begin, let's just say that I've looked through the entire Spring/Summer 2012 collection in the press kit, and there seems to be a lot of perforated bags, as well as beaded ones this Spring/Summer 2012!

Now, on to my FAVES of the season!

Perforated Tote SGD 905

Forever Radica Big Mama SGD 1660

Peekaboo in Beaded Pequin & Saddle Soft Leather SGD 6920

Peekaboo Pequin SGD 6085

Peekaboo Python SGD 8185

Some of you might be surprised that I picked this out because I'm not a fan of monogrammed bags, but I just love the multicolored lines, or rather, as Fendi terms it, "Technicolour"
Roll Bag Technicolour SGD 1240
Silvana Croco SGD 10,695

Loving the colours on this Silvana, but you have to be careful when carrying anything in wicker (or even if you're sitting on wicker chairs) because it might tend to snag your clothes!
Silvana Croco & Wicker SGD 12,585

And now, on to the SLGs..
Technicolour Pochette (also available in black) SGD 550

Don't you just love the colours on the Chameleon and Selleria versions of this Purse?
Note: although it isn't specified in the press kit, I'm guessing these are key purses
Chameleon purse SGD 340
Selleria Pouch SGD 415

Images Courtesy of Fendi

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2012

Balenciaga's seasonal pieces for Spring/Summer 2012 have taken the minimalist route. Perhaps this is in line with their style evolution: more clean lines, which then resonates with their total discontinuation of the giant studded hardware (which I still think is more stylish) in favour of smaller hardware. 

First up, I really am not such a fan at all of this new rather structured-looking convertible hobo/tote bag. The shoulder strap isn't detachable, which would make it rather awkward when carrying it as a tote. And since the short handles on the bag aren't collapsible, it would be rather uncomfortable and not to mention, rather cumbersome when slinging it on the shoulder. In short, it isn't too practical.

This sling bag with the side opening is rather unique, and in my opinion, could also work for the guy.

Now this, I quite like. Perfect for the office, or even as a document bag. I don't know about you, but it sort of reminds me of the Celine Luggage Tote -- the older one with the flap pocket instead of the one with the zipper... What do you think?

Not a fan of red at all, but somehow it looks so much better in red than black don't you think?

Also from the same range, I'm loving this sling bag! And the purple is gorgeous!

But my most favourite of all from the range -- The Clutch! The Red clasp is attention grabbing and certainly makes the all-white clutch pop!

Now which is YOUR favourite?

Images courtesy of Balenciaga

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breaking News: Prada Launches 24 Hours Museum Event On Facebook TODAY!

Prada launches a "24 hours Museum" today in Paris. As the title suggests, it is only open for 24 Hours till Wednesday, 25 January at the Palais d'léna in Paris today. Divided into 3 sections (historic, contemporary, and forgotten), each section refers to specific events that take place during the 24 hours in different areas of the ground floor of the venue.

But guess what? This is entirely a mystery event, not even the events agency knows anything about it!

For those of us who won't be able to attend this "mystery event", Prada has launched an interactive app on their Facebook page, fully utilizing the power of social media to create a buzz about the event by allowing everyone to participate! Once you approve the app, you need to upload a photo, select your picture frame and jewels, the photo (which also allows you to post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr) will be added to the digital gallery -- something along the lines of the #marcfam thing that happened on Twitter and Instagram last month. Upon uploading, your photo will also be uploaded onto the 24 Hours Museum Website

The real event will only be unveiled to the events agency (Modecracy) as well as everyone at the invitation-only dinner in Paris tonight. At 11pm Paris Time, it will be turned into a disco-club visible online at the Website. The museum opens to public on 25 January 7am-12pm and from 2pm-4:30pm. The Pop-up Museum closes at 8:30pm on 25 January Paris Time.

The museum is created by Francesco Vezzoli

Wanna Win a $10,000 Marc Jacobs Gift Card?

Wanna Win a $10,000 Marc Jacobs gift card? Watch the video to find out how to enter! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hermes Spring/Summer 2012 Bags For Both Men & Women

It's the First Day of Chinese New Year today, and I'm sure we're still full from last night's reunion dinner aren't we? That topped off with all the snacks consumed while visiting relatives' and friend's houses...

Anyway, since it's the First Day of the Lunar New Year, what better way than to kick start it in a super-luxe manner, yes? Today is all about luxury, and with that here are Hermes's Spring/Summer 2012 Bags for both Men and Women! 

Passe-Guide Bag In Box
The Passe-Guide Bag in Box is actually a reissue of a model designerd by Henry d'Origny in 1795 which was originally inspired by the ring at the front of Roman chariots that kept the carriage reins in place, as represented by the clasp detail on the bag. This bag is certainly something that certainly exudes an old world charm.

Berline Bag in Swift Calfskin
As a tribute to motorsports, the lines of the Berline is said to symbolise the bucket seats found in sports and racing cars. Not exactly a new addition to Hermes (but one of the much more recent models), the Berline is available in a new colour this Spring/Summer 2012 season: Vermillion Red.

Etribelt Bag in Togo Calfskin 
The latest addition to Hermes this Spring/Summer 2012: The Etribelt Bag. Yes you might remember the Etriviere that I posted about 2 years ago when it was first released. Now, the belted detail family is proud to announce a new member -- yes any Hermes bag with "etri" in its name means that it sports a belted detail. And the inspiration behind the Etribelt is a belted trenchcoat. Whether you choose to actually belt it, that's entirely up to you because it can be worn either way. As for the colours, it's available in multiple shades of Togo and Evergrain calfskin.

Roulis in Gran D'H Calfskin

One of the house classics (which Hermes bag isn't a classic eh?) this bag debuts a new material: a leather print that reproduces the diagonal cross-grains that appear like stripes on the H canvas. In simple terms, what this means is that it is textured leather (think Prada's Saffiano leather).

The Garden Picnic in Wicker and Barenia Calfskin
Now, you might remember the Kelly Picnic from last year's Spring/Summer collection  which is also made of Wicker & Barenia Calfskin. This year, it's the Garden Picnic - i.e. the Picnic version of the Garden Party Tote.

Garden Party Craft

This variation of the Garden Party is made of 100% vegetable tanned H canvas and natural cowhide trims -- meaning that the leather would tan with use (think Vuitton's Monogrammed canvas bags). Inspired by the brightly coloured jockey silk jackets, the embroidery on the Garden Party Craft was handmade by Indian master embroiderers.

And now, let's hear it for the boys!

Left: 12H Attache Case; Right: Hand Luggage

Small Hand Luggage

Travelling in style takes on a whole new meaning with the Caleche Express Luggage Range!  An entirely new and complete range of featherweight hand luggage, they all come with a removable inside, a protective cover (think something along the lines of the raincoat that comes with Birkins), telescoping valet handles, and silent wheels. But then again, those silent wheels also have a disadvantage: if someone actually steals your luggage and wheels it away, you probably wouldn't even notice because it's so quiet...

Evelyne III in Grizzly Calfskin

Victoria II 12H

With their own document sections and laptop compartments, the Victoria II 12H is touted as THE ultimate luxury workbag for men. This season, the bag comes in 2 brand new colours in sombrero calfskin: Smoke and Cigar 

Wallet in Epsom Calfskin

With a newly redesigned interior, this is the perfect travel companion for your flight tickets and passport -- there's even a removable storage section!

Now guys and gals, which one is your favourite?

Images courtesy of Hermes
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