Spotted: Bags on Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 7 "Save the Last Chance"
2 December 2012

Spotted: Bags on Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 7 “Save the Last Chance”

Gossip Girl Saturday got pushed back till today because of yesterday’s breaking news
Anyway, Here are the bags spotted on this week’s Gossip Girl episode (Season 6, Episode 7), “Save The Last Chance”

First up, Blair with the Lady Dior in Red Tweed with fringe details

Coincidentally Blair seems to be seen with Red bags in this episode. Here she is, saddened after Chuck told her they could never be together because he lost his last chance after Lily had set the only evidence that could be used against Bart, on fire: the microfilms that were taped to the painting, on fire.

A little blurry I know, but Blair is pictured with Christian Louboutin’s Mini “Sweet Charity” Bag in Red Plaid, which happens to be just right for Christmas, which is around the corner. $795 via Barneys (approx RM, 2,241.90)

Fendi’s Peekaboo, Silvana and Chameleon Boston bags prove to be a haute favourite on the GG set, and here’s Serena with yet another Fendi piece: The Peekaboo Pequin from Pre-Spring/Summer 2012

Serena converts Valentino’s Rockstud Shoudler bag into a clutch during Blair’s pop-up store event for her new line “B” for Waldorf Designs. Pictured below, the very same bag, but in Red. 1,620 Euros via Valentino

The Verdict:

Fave Bag in this Episode: The Peekaboo Pequin in Black-and-white Canvas! Love the graphic element!

Favourite Moment:
When Serena and Blair made up, obviously. But the other favourite moment? When Sage’s minions “The Dawns” were fighting amongst themselves to get their hands on the last piece of Blair’s clothes even when Sage told them “plastics in pockets” no matter how fabulous Blair’s creations were.

OMG Moment:
Perhaps one of the most jaw-dropping moments was when we realised that it was William Van Der Woodsen who was on the phone with Ivy all this while, and that they were lovers! I mean, we all knew that the Ivy-Rufus relationship was a farce from the beginning but I bet none of us saw this coming! But from the way William looked when he returned to the hotel room at the Empire and saw Ivy hastily packing up after discovering that there were no microfilms in the envelope, well I don’t know about you, but his hair looked a little TOO tousled. Perhaps he came from someone else’s bed? And we all saw his face when Ivy hugged him and said “all that matters is that we have each other”, it was clear to us that he, too, in on a charade… one that Ivy certainly knew nothing about.

Which was YOUR epic moment in this episode?

Images courtesy of Fendi, Valentino and Barneys