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Labels , , Fendi x Maarten De Ceulaer for Design Miami 2012

Fendi x Maarten De Ceulaer for Design Miami 2012

Fendi has collaborated with Belgian furniture designer Maarten De Ceulaer on the Design Miami December 2012 project that resonates with its visual identity and the legacy of Modernist-inspired patterns and emblems.   The designer took Fendi's signature Pequin motif (the brand's signature stripes) and created "Transformations" to celebrate the House's heritage of abstract rectilinear and geometric imagery. 

The leather "planks"

For Design Miami 2012, Maarten focuses on the contrasts between hard and soft, natural and man-made, organic and geometric, luxurious and mundane by juxtaposing lacquered wooden boards and tree stumps with handmade leather "planks" into his compositions that is reminiscent of Modernist artworks from the period.

Images courtesy of Fendi