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Labels , , , , , , , , Spotted: BAGS on Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 4 "Portrait of Lady Alexander"

Spotted: BAGS on Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 4 "Portrait of Lady Alexander"

This week's Gossip Girl episode was filled with BAGS! 

First up, Ivy Dickens with Devi Kroell's L'Avenue bag! 

Although this bag is the exact one seen in this week's GG episode, it was from Devi Kroell's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and is no longer available! I've included the same L'Avenue bag below, also in python, but not in the same colour. Which do you prefer?
From Devi Kroell's Hamptons Collection, the L'Avenue bag is Available via Moda Operandi 

for US$1,800

Georgina, too, got a fab bag this episode, and it's none other than my obsession at the moment, and I have the same bag except mine's in black , while Georgina's is in Prune

And here's the Rockstud Medium Tote in Red via Net-a-Porter

Bulgari seems to be a really big hit on GG this season, because it was in episode 2 that we saw Sage with the same Serpenti shoulder bag, but in Purple, and here's Serena VDW with the metallic version. 

Available via Buglari Online for US$1,900 

Georgina here is seen pictured taking Serena's Spring/Summer 2012 Fendi Python Chameleon Boston from her before she sits down with Dan in case she has any "recording devices" in her bag.

And my favourite bag in the entire episode, Lily's Bulgari (yes Bulgari again!) Serpenti tote in the gorgeous emerald green hue. While I'm not at all a fan of slithery things, bugs, creepy crawlies, reptiles and amphibians in general, Lily's tote has really made me green with envy (pun intended)!

Available via Bulgari Online for US$3,250

Now, on with The Verdict

Favourite moment: Everytime Georgina made an appearance. In this episode, Georgina was really hilarious. The most LOL-worthy bit was when she had girls audition for the part of Dan's new It girl. And not just ANY girl, mind you.. "girls with Ivy League pedigree, cover girl looks and at least 3 mentions in page 6 in the last 6 months"