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Labels , , , , , Newsflash: Fendi Baguettemania Online Pop-Up Store! Limited Edition & Vintage Baguettes Up For Grabs!

Newsflash: Fendi Baguettemania Online Pop-Up Store! Limited Edition & Vintage Baguettes Up For Grabs!

The Fendi Baguette is back on the fashion radar in a VERY BIG way. The Baguette celebrate its 15th Anniversary this year with commemorative events round the globe (click here for the KL Baguette Podium Exhibit).

 Fendi's recent Spring/Summer 2013 runway show at Milan Fashion Week last month also showcased numerous Baguettes and even Anna Dello Russo was spotted with a few of them when she was doing the Fashion Week rounds. If this is not evidence of Baguettemania, I don't know what is. And now, to top it all off, Fendi has, for the first time ever, made the iconic Baguette available on the new online pop-up store on the official website. And to kick off online festivities, here's Silvia Venturini Portrait entitled The Art of Embroidery.


What's on sale on the Baguette Pop-up: Vintage Baguettes as well as Fendi's 6 Re-edition Baguettes (which I LOVE), new Baguettes from the latest collection as well as DIY Baguette kits (choose between the embroidery kit or the paint kit) so that you can design your very own Baguette.

Here are 2 of my favourites that are currently up for grabs online:

And the on-site pop-up exclusive, the Limited Edition "Geometrica" Baguette that comes with a mini Baguettemania Mirror limited edition number and "Limited edition" embossed on its interior logo plaque. 

ONLY 100 of these are made in total!  And for a Limited Edition piece, at 750 Euros, it's quite affordably priced! 

Open online until January 2013, you can get your hands on Limited Edition Baguette Accessories like Karl Lagerfeld's sketch of the Fendi Baguette on a T-shirt and a scarf,  enamelled Baguette keyfobs, and the Baguettemania Twilly bracelets which I am seriously lusting over!

Images via Fendi