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Labels Video: Michael Kors Collaborates with Photog Claiborne Swanson Frank

Video: Michael Kors Collaborates with Photog Claiborne Swanson Frank

Michael Kors has launched a new digital initiative called Kors Collaborations, where he will be partnering with creative minds including musicians, artists and photographers on various special projects, which will go up on Destination Kors .

To kick start this Collaborative partnership series this month, Michael Kors has collaborated with award-winning photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank, for her book of portraits entitled American Beauty. Kors decided to collaborate with the photographer because was so captivated by her work. The result is a shoppable e-book, "Claiborne on Kors". Shot by Claiborne on location in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the book features 11 of Claiborne's friends wearing their favourite looks from the Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection. If you like what you see, you can order the looks via

Here's the video of the collaboration.


Video courtesy of Michael Kors