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Labels , , , , #NYFW: Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2013 Runway - Where Fashion Meets Technology

#NYFW: Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2013 Runway - Where Fashion Meets Technology

Diane von Furstenberg is certainly the case of fashion intersecting with technology. The designer partnered with Google for her Spring/Summer 2013 show yesterday at New York Fashion Week. The result? Some pretty insane cutting-edge futuristic technology. Since I wasn't able to catch the livestream because it was at 4pm EST (which means 4am Malaysian Time!), I woke up to some pretty awesome stuff and images on my Instagram timeline. 

via @bfa_nyc Instagram

via @purseblog Instagram

Via @natejaffee Instagram

If you're wondering what everyone is wearing in the photos above, it's none other than Google's latest technology: the Google Glasses. Nothing of the bespectacled sort though. These Google Glasses are "smart glasses" - say hel-lo to the future - designed to perform (almost) everything that smart phones can do.. well, except make phone calls. A tiny camera is built into the pseudo-glasses, enabling you to record videos, take photos, share the images, search for product info, and even locate your nearest Museum or Starbucks! The future has arrived, and no longer the stuff Sci-Fi flicks are made of because this is now, more than ever, definitely is the era of the cyborg more than anything else. 

More than anything, this is an ingenious way to create hype before the launch of the product, and with the hashtag #DVFthroughglass, that just upped the viral factor even more. Diane von Furstenberg will officially release a video about these Google Glasses on September 13. Stay tuned for a blog post on that!