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Labels , , Marc by Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Colourblocked Satchel

Marc by Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Colourblocked Satchel

Whether accessories or clothes, one thing's for sure is that I will never get tired of colour blocking, because I have been colour blocking since the dawn of time, and I'm so glad that it's here to stay and no longer a seasonal trend.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Colourblocked Satchel Fall 2012

Try imagining it without the Fire Engine Red bits and you'd get a very boring bag.  With it, the pop of red on the handles accents the bag just enough to get your bag noticed, and I don't mean in a bad attention-seeking "Look at Me" sort of way. That said, it's a very roomy and easy casual day bag, and similar in shape, in fact, to YSL's "Easy" Bag, which I find myself using way too often. The only thing that bugs me though, is why this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is called the Burg Boxer Colourblocked Satchel. It really baffles me why almost everything is called a "satchel" these days. The PS1, the Alexa, the Cambridge Satchel, now those really are satchels. But this bag, to me, in terms of its silhouette is more of a Boston or Duffel rather than a satchel. Thoughts? 

Image courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs