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Labels , , Leopard and Leather YSL Muse 2

Leopard and Leather YSL Muse 2

Honestly, I wasn't an enormous YSL Muse 2 fan. Neither was I a fan of the Muse. But now and again, I find myself leaning towards the former, and by that, I mean, whenever the bag tickles my fancy. And this just happens to be one of the times. 

You're probably thinking that the reason why I fancy this Muse 2 in leopard printed haircalf and leather is because of the Animal print on the flap. Well, that's half the reason because although it has never been a huge secret that I have a soft spot for animal prints, the Muse2 does have a more ladylike shape, so if it were covered entirely in the animal print, it would be wayyyyyyy too much. Overkill in fact. But since the animal print is only on the flap, it's stands out perfectly. $1,990 via SSense