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Of Paper, Vuitton and Gucci

One is Italian, the other, French. Now what do Gucci and Louis Vuitton have in common, especially this season? 

...Their windows, of course! Both brands have utilised white recycled paper for their current store window visuals. 

For Vuitton, their current windows focus on "The Art of Packing" ,  hence blouses with eyelet collars to boot, keeping in line with their Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

And Louis Vuitton certainly didn't forget about the Men: the Men's version of the "Art of Packing" windows features crisp white shirts neatly folded, ready to be thrown into the Vuitton luggage! 

And now we have Gucci... probably my favourite window for 2012 so far! Love the gigantic 3-Dimensional New Bamboo made of Recycled Paper. And just look at the meticulous detailing, not only just on the "bamboo" handles, but even the "stitching" is visible! I really wouldn't be surprised if the turnlock closure could actually work! LOVE! 

I did also manage to catch a glimpse of the gigantic New Jackie window on someone's Twitter feed, but that really just pales in comparison to the New Bamboo.

Images by Stylicious Fashionista