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Labels , , , , , Burberry's It Bag for Autumn/Winter 2012-13: The Orchard

Burberry's It Bag for Autumn/Winter 2012-13: The Orchard

This Autumn/Winter, Burberry introduces the "Orchard", a zip top tote bag which doubles as an overnight bag, as the IT bag of the season. 

Usually, bags which have a broad base that narrow towards the top are quite difficult to open, but worry not, because the zippers on Burberry's Orchard go around the curve of the bag (in fact, more than half-way down its sides), making it much easier to retrieve your things. 

Inspired by vintage luggage such as locks, luggage tags and oversized zippers from the Burberry archives,  this structured bag comes in Striped suede, Suede with ornamental woodland animal heads (owl, duck, hunting dog, and fox), Quilted leather with animal heads and check jacquard Chenille with Alligator trims and bow detail.

Check Jacquard Chenille With Alligator Trims, not available in Malaysia

Striped Suede MYR 6,795 (small) RM 8,295 (Large). Other colours available 

Qulited Leather with Fox Head, MYR 11,495

Quilted with Duck Head, MYR 11,495

Grainy Nubuck Leather Suede with Dog Head, MYR 9,295. Other colours (and animal heads) available
Grainy Nubuck Leather Suede with Dog Head, MYR 9,295. Other colours (and animal heads) available

I don't quite fancy the Chenille Jacquard version with the bow detail, but I have been raving about the bags with animal head details ever since they came down the AW 12-13 Runway in February  this year. Though my first choice goes to the studded clutches with the animal head details, the quilted Orchard with the animal heads come in at a close second. In fact, I find these to be the most vintage-esque pieces, and really remind me of the quilted down feather coats worn in the typical British countryside. That aside, I really really like the striped suede version too, especially in the Blue-grey colour combo as shown in the photo above! :)

Will it be the Quilted, the suede with animal heads, the bow detail or the striped one for you? I'd love to hear which your pick is!

Images courtesy of Burberry