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Labels , , , Marc by Marc Jacobs Cruise 2013 Lips Bags!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cruise 2013 Lips Bags!

I love everything about these 2 looks, well okay, except maybe the socks and the Oxfords. 

The lip print was previously intended to be a seasonal style, but it was so popular that Marc decided to keep it as one of the signature prints. I'm loving the lip-print motif Boston bag and tote bags equally! I'm usually more of a totes kind of girl who doesn't really favour the Boston shape, but oh wow, I love them both equally! In fact, I can't wait for fall because I have my eye on these!

PS: I didn't feature the other Cruise 2013 bags not because I didn't like them, but because they were just variants of existing styles. And by that, I mean the classic Tate tote (the nylon bags with the knotted handles) in an assortment of other prints.

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