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Burberry's Pre-Spring 2013 Bags

The Verdict: While Burberry's Pre-Spring 2013 collection is not short of the usual Burberry earthy tones, the metallic leathers in turquoise, emerald, mustardy gold and vermillion bring an element of surprise to the collection. While the clutches seemed to have been scaled down in size which is just slightly bigger than your average continental wallet, the totes seem to be far larger and roomier.  And the focus for this Pre-collection? Padlocks and oversized zipper pulls. 

Note:  You might've noticed that these few days on the blog have been all about Cruise 2013 collections. While most other brands have Pre-collections as well as a Cruise collection, today's post, Burberry, is filed under the Pre-Spring 2013 collection because the brand doesn't have a Cruise collection, but only Pre-collections. 


Images courtesy of Burberry