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Chanel's Cruise 2012-13 Collection

As you know, the Cruise shows for 2012-13 have begun. Chanel's Cruise 2012-13 collection took place yesterday (May 14th) at Versailles Palace. Hm, Versailles seems to be a fashionable location these days - first we had Dior's latest fashion film entitled Secret Garden - Versailles filmed there, and now, the Chanel Cruise Collection.

According to numerous fashion sources, Karl Lagerfeld had asked all invited guests to wear black, including the camera crew. Once we got word of Karl's request, everyone anticipated a rather goth-inspired show. But boy were we wrong. Apart from what remotely resembled the idea behind the all-black dress code, what came onto the "runway" with the fountain as its centrepiece, were Harlequin motif looks (beaded and sequined of course) that gave off a sort of "Marie Antoniette meets Glam Rock" kind of vibe. Karl also seemed to favour the pastel and floral trend that the fashion universe is endorsing this current season for Spring 2012.

In terms of accessories, Flatforms seemed to be the footwear of choice. As for the bags (as expected by all of us), Boy Chanel took the spotlight, and this time in baby blue (love!) and beaded, and sequined with Harlequin patterns.

Oh and the male model appears to be carrying a quilted watering can. Now, I can't help but wonder - prop, watering can holder, or an actual bag shaped like a watering can? Thoughts, anyone?

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