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Bags Spotted on Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale (Episode 24)

 I am totally bummed that next season (Season 6) will be the last season ever for the series, and with only 11 episodes, it's a super short season. Some say that the show hasn't been doing well plot-wise for the past 3 seasons, but I still love the show nonetheless, and of course the FASHION! Sigh, why do all popular and fashionable TV series' have to come to an end after the 6th season? Yes, I'm talking about Sex and the City. Perhaps a Gossip Girl is in the pipeline? Then again, maybe the new TV series, Girls, will give me my weekly fashion fix.

Anyway, here are the bags spotted on the Season 5 Finale (Episode 24) of Gossip Girl 

Serena Van Der Woodsen, with Alexander McQueen's "De Manta" Clutch in Python.

I couldn't find the python version, and the colour on Serena's De Manta is Divine. But here's the studded leather version, available for $795 via Alexander McQueen online

Next up, Mulberry's iconic Bayswater (the small version) in "Tomato" Grained Leather on Blair Waldorf. Mulberry bags seem to be featured in quite a few episodes this season on Gossip Girl.

Here we have the small Bayswater in Summer Khaki Soft Large-Grained Leather from this year's Spring/Summer collection. Available via Mulberry Online for GBP 695, or La Garçonne for $1,100. And for you Malaysians, it's available at Mulberry KLCC or Mulberry @ The Gardens for RM 4,430

And lastly, one of my favourite bags for Spring/Summer 2012, which sadly isn't available here in Malaysia, Fendi's Perforated Chameleon Boston on Serena VDW.

Here's the bag up-close, which I have blogged about before, and still in love with it as much (if not more!) 

Image by Stylicious Fashionista