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Labels , Spotted: Artchitectural-looking Bag!

Spotted: Artchitectural-looking Bag!

I took a stroll around Bangsar Village 2 on a Saturday evening, and I stumbled upon this architectural-looking bag sitting in the window of a store named Sunday's. It caught my eye in an instant, because it's quite unlike any other bag that we're accustomed to seeing. Intrigued, bemused and curious, I walked into the store to take a closer look at the bag...

Made of PP (a type of plastic) with triangular cut-outs (which I assume is laser-cut), it comes with a contrast-coloured drawstring pouch attached to its interior so that your belongings are kept safe and hidden from the world. It's available in 2 sizes (the one above is the smaller size) and in another colour - black (with red pouch interior). While the bigger one is more practical, the smaller one (RM 180) is much cuter to be toting around.

What are your thoughts? Love it? Or is it too kitschy for you?