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#PFW: Valentino Fall/Winter 2012-13 Bags

The Verdict: I was just asked in an interview what my personal style is when it comes to bags. And I don't have a particular style that characterizes my bag choices because I like studs and zippers, and on the other, more feminine details such as bows. So perhaps you could say I have two bag personalities - the hard and the soft. And Valentino is probably the only Maison that has both of my favourite details.Which is probably why I have always loved Valentino.  So perhaps you could say that Valentino bags are the epitome of my bag style then.

Although there are no bows on their Fall/Winter 2012-13 runway, studs are aplenty, and I'm loving every bit of them (and that includes Valentino's Spring/Summer 2012 collection as well which are currently in stores). And from this season, the last 2 clutches with studded detail above are my absolute FAVES from the entire collection and are definitely going onto my "items I'm coveting for 2012" wishlist right now. And it just occurred to me that I really have been raving about Valentino bags for awhile now, but funnily enough I don't own a single Valentino piece in my bag closet. Well, I think my next bag purchase will HAVE to be a Valentino piece - either studded or with bow detail!

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