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#PFW: Dior Fall/Winter 2012-13 Bags

The Verdict: I haven't really liked Dior for awhile now, but I really am ga-ga over the Fall/Winter 2012-13 bags! This season we see more of the usual suspects: The fast-becoming House Icons and New Classics like the Granville Tote and Miss Dior. Some might call it boring, but for me, this isn't at all a bad thing, because truth be told, I much prefer seeing reinterpretations of classics in different combinations of materials as opposed to new styles every season which have no staying power, and are pretty much "in" only for that one season. With so many brands doing "seasonal" bags, it can be quite dizzying especially for someone who wants to constantly be up-to-date and "on trend". For evening, I'm also coveting the embellished clutches -- c'est chic! I'm not such a fan of fur (or actually not at all) not because I'm a PETA supporter, but because I just don't like things that are well, so fluffy looking, but apart from the fur bags, I'm loving almost everything that came down the Dior Fall/Winter 2012-13 runway! My favorites are the bi-toned Miss Dior bag (last pic above), the embellished clutches, and the taupe-coloured Dior Granville Tote with a fuchsia interior. In fact, that's going on my wishlist right now as we speak! ;D

While some have commented that it isn't really something we haven't seen before, my opinion is that even without the introduction of new seasonal shapes or styles, Bill Gaytten is doing a mighty fine job helming Dior as Creative Director after Galliano's firing in March last year. In fact, he's doing so well that his contract has been extended for another 6 seasons. But even so, the world hasn't stopped guessing or speculating at the next person who will take over as Designer. And no, Raf Simons is most definitely OUT because he demanded for too much moolah.

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