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Labels , , , Jimmy Choo's Chandra Crystal Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo's Chandra Crystal Embellished Clutch

 It was previously a style that I actually avoided given my tendency to leave anything I hold in my hand somewhere else and then forgetting about it until it's too late. I have since become less careless ( keeping my fingers crossed on this one) than I once, hence explaining my newfound obsession for clutches, whether for day or night. 

And then I came across this Jimmy Choo beauty - the Chandra Crystal-embellished braided chain faille clutch. Yes, quite a mouthful I know, lol. The jewel-toned turquoise is the perfect accessory for a simple LBD or what I'd call an LCD (and no I'm not talking about TV/computer screens): the little cocktail dress that's either in pastels, black, or a muted colour. The clutch is so stunning that you would want it to be the centre of attention so choose a safer dress to go with this because you don't want your dress to completely outshine your clutch because the intricate beadwork details on the Chandra definitely speaks for itself.

Available via Net-a-Porter for £682.91