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Newsflash: Carmina Campus x MINI

We're all familiar with Fendi, but most of us, might not know that Carmina Campus is yet another label founded by one of the members of the Fendi Family: Ilaria Venturini Fendi. And this time around, the Carmina Campus label collaborates with Mini. Yes, you go that right, MINI as in Mini Cooper, the automobile. 

This capsule collection collaboration with Mini utilizes remnants from the prototypes of the Mini Roadster including discarded colour samples, leather intended for seats, soft-top covers, as well as body plates. The inspiration behind this collection? The concept of recycling! Seat leather is used to make the leather exterior bits of the bag, and including door handles as the handle on the smaller bags (see bag on far right). Designed by Illaria Venturini Fendi and made in Italy, they are available EXCLUSIVELY at a 10 Corso Como event during Milan Fashion Week, which means if you're in Milan, there are 2 days left to get a piece of this collection so hurry if you're interested! And yes, EVERY part of the bag comes from some part or other from the MINI. I guess we could call this an organically MINI product now, can't we? ;)

For me, however, I find the concept rather interesting, but as for the bags, I don't find them too appealing. However, the smallest one with the door handle as the bag's handle is rather cute! If I get something from this collection, it would be purely for novelty's sake!