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#MFW Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2012-13 Bags

Tomas Maier was given raving reviews for a Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection that not only deviated from what everyone was used to expecting from the designer and the House of Bottega Veneta, but it left everyone pleasantly surprised! But now, let's not digress, because it's the bags that we really are concerned about! 

Woven with Exotic inside. From the texture it's either Lizard or Karung

The Verdict: Of course, like any other Bottega Veneta runway, the Cabat and the Veneta (the house's iconic shapes) never fail to make an appearance, and in terms of materials and leathers, there's a whole lot of exotic skins. But the style that seems to be taking centrestage - whether flap topped, zip-topped or clasped - for Fall/Winter 2012-13 ... CLUTCHES. And it's no secret that I'm an IMMENSE fan of the Knot clutches (well maybe not the purple one above, but I adore the rest!), but this season, let me tell you, my heart's been sold to the rectangular pochette-type clutches!

Do you like what you see? 

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