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Thursday Friday Birkin Tote

You might remember Hermès taking up a lawsuit against Thursday Friday for their "Birkin" printed canvas bags. Well, I suppose they weren't successful because Thursday Friday is still selling these totes.

I must say that I've seen even better Birkin printed ones, ones where you can barely tell that it's actually printed on canvas because every centimetre of the bag is printed on, and even made to look like a Birkin. In fact, they recently made their way to our shores during the last quarter of the year, and I've seen too many people carrying them wherever I go. Now, there are even Celine "Luggage Totes" and Bottega Veneta "Cabas" printed bags, and I'm sure, the list will only get longer.


Anyway, if you would like to get the original "Birkin" printed canvas tote by Thursday Friday, the company that practically pioneered these bags, then do click on the image above or Click Here to purchase.