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Labels , , Fendi's Chameleon Boston Gets Sporty

Fendi's Chameleon Boston Gets Sporty

I popped over to the Fendi press office during a recent trip to Singapore in December for a meet-up with the Fendi peeps, and got to preview some pieces from the Pre-Spring/Summer 2012. One of them was the Python Silvana which I loved and had previously blogged about about 2 weeks ago, and this is another of my favourites from the collection.

Detail shot of the perforation

I'm sure some of you might have remembered me saying that the Chameleon Boston is a little too Lady Chic for my liking, but this perforated colour-blocked version just transform the bag into a sporty, youthful and fun day bag. And yes, it is only when the Chameleon's demonstrates its ability to transform and represent itself in many guises can it truly be a chameleon through and through. And this time, it has definitely succeeded :)

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