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Labels , , , , , Balenciaga's Pre-Spring 2012 Collection

Balenciaga's Pre-Spring 2012 Collection

Here are some of my favourite picks from Balenciaga's Pre-Spring 2012 collection

Suede & Leather shopper, very minimalist chic!

The Papier tote got a facelift for Pre-Spring 2012 -- notice the Brogue details at the corners! Oh and I love the colour combo!

A crocheted/knitted clutch with d'ancre (that's Anchor in French) closure. The anchor is a detail that Nicolas Ghesquiere revived from the Balenciaga archives, and because of that, many items sport the Anchor motif/detail this season! 

Though when I showed this to my mum commenting that I love the colour contrast, she took one look at it and told me that she can make one for me too. Haha yes, my mum and aunt are both very good knitters, with nimble fingers especially when it comes to handiwork/handicrafts. I, on the other hand, totally stink in this department, lol.

And here are the other bags with what I have labelled as a "bullet" detailed closure.
Slightly more Lady-chic for Balenciaga. A good bag for the office if you're looking for one.

Loving this clutch! 

Now, which is YOUR favourite?

Images courtesy of Balenciaga