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Labels , , Givenchy Nightingale Goes Punk Chic

Givenchy Nightingale Goes Punk Chic

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I've always been a fan of Givenchy's "Nightingale", but in the wrong colour and size, it can tend to look a little mature. During my recent Fashion Week trip to London in September, it actually came down to either the PS1, the Nightingale, or the Celine Luggage Tote (which was the winner in the end). If they had either the studded Nightingale or this version of the Nightingale at that point in time, I would have bought Givenchy instead. I really like the colour - Yes I know it'll dirty far too easily but it's gorgeous! - and the punched out holes with ring details which sort of reminds me of a slightly punk-ish vibe (imagine them as nose rings or multiple piercings). So it's a little punk, but yet not overdone, managing to maintain femininity at the same time. Call it punk chic if you will.