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Labels , Event Post: Hermés Paris Mon Ami Silk Press Preview

Event Post: Hermés Paris Mon Ami Silk Press Preview

On Friday December 2, Stylicious Fashionista was at the press preview of the Hérmes "Paris Mon Ami" (translation: Paris my friend) Silk event, which is the second chapter of the silk scarf event after the success of last year's J'aime mon carré event. 

All of us braved the rain, and headed to this "Paris Mon Ami" pop-up at Hermés Pavilion.  

Exterior of the Paris Mon Ami Pop Up

Scarf themed cardboard round the mirrors!

These blocks are also printed with Hermes scarf motifs, and were our seats for the event

 Store managers Lisa and August showing us the scarves and talking about the process that goes into the scarves. They also demonstrated the versatility of the scarf by showing us numerous ways in which an Hermés scarf can be worn.

And here's what I learnt today:

  1. All Hermés scarves are silk screen printed layer by layer - one colour per layer so a new mould would be created for each colour
  2. The maximum number of colours on an Hermés scarf: 48 colours (including subtle gradations in colour); the minimum number of colours on each scarf: 10.
  3. The edges are hand nimbled with 5 metres of silk thread and takes 32 minutes to sew round the entire scarf
  4. The scarves come in 4 sizes - 90 x 90, 70 x 70, 140 x 140 and the twilly - the most popular being the 90x90 as well as the twilly which are usually used to accessorize Hermes bags.
  5. The scarves come in silk, silk + cashmere mix, and silk + jersey mix. 
  6. All Hermés scarves utilise silk from butterfly cocoons
  7. Each Hermes scarf takes 2 years to complete! 

The 90 x 90

The 90x90. This piece also happens to be the one with 48 colours

The 70 x 70. This one happens to be made of Silk + cashmere

The 140 x 140

Model posing with scarf on neck and as a headband

Another model with the scarf worn as a halter top

The Twilly which can be worn on the neck, as well as on the arm like a cuff! Model is also wearing the scarf as a headband! 

Scarf worn as a halter top

Scarf worn as a toga top

Scarf worn as a cardi

Front view: Scarf worn as a cardi with cape-like sleeves. I love!

Scarf that morphs into a hobo bag!

Scarf as Hobo bag

Scarf as hobo bag slung in the arm

Scarf used as a shoulder strap for the Hermés Kelly

Scarf with Oriental/Japanese motif

Super HEART this Graffiti scarf!

The "Magic Kelly" scarf. From afar you can really see the Kelly bag!

"Magic Kelly" scarf in Gold

Magic Kelly scarf in pink

Graffiti scarf in another colour combo

The enamel bangles which come in 2 sizes: 65 and 70

 Once the demonstrations were over, we could try on the scarves and then pose for a photo. The photos were the perfect souvenir as our photos were printed and we got to take our photos home with us!

Me with my scarf

The photo printing table. Yep it came in a "scarf frame"!

Thanks Hermes for these!

Other stuff that came in the bag as well - all with the theme of Paris Mon Ami

Lastly, my favourite pic: Me rocking the Hermés graffiti scarf worn as a turban! I would so wear this. Now, if only someone would get be an Hermes scarf for Christmas!! 

Listen up: if you all want in on this, you can join the fun, as the "Paris Mon Ami" pop-up at Pavilion is open to the public TODAY till 11 December (Sunday) from 11am to 8pm! Only 10 people are allowed into the venue at any one time. Trust me, it's super fun playing around with these scarves!

For more on Paris Mon Ami, Click Here to learn about the chronicles

All images by Stylicious Fashionista