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Colour Me Fendi: The New Fendista Bag from Cruise 2012


The new Colour Fendista collection from Fendi's Cruise 2012 collection is in stores! I've had a look at it, and the colours really look super fun! Super practical, you can use it as a clutch or sling it over the shoulder, and if you're looking for a bag that will take you from day to night in an instant, this is certainly it. And I know what some of you are probably thinking... It looks a tad tiny. Well it really isn't and because it isn't flat like most clutches are, it's actually a very roomy clutch if you're planning to use it as one that is. Made of calfskin, it's available for RM2,350 in Red, Black, Lemon and Brown at Fendi stores in KL. If you're looking for something that pops, Lemon yellow is the brightest (but isn't really my colour) but I wish they brought in the Fuchsia because I think that colour really looks best (to me anyway). Red could also do the popping for you, especially since Christmas and Chinese New Year are just around the corner barely a month apart from each other. If you're looking for something classic and safer, then of course black and brown are also available.

Images courtesy of Fendi