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Bally Dyna Bi-Toned Leather Tote

So Bally had its heyday back then, and isn't really a brand that's "on-the-radar" today in the designer leather goods domain. I mean, let's be honest here, Bally isn't really a brand that comes to mind when we think luxury leather goods. While that may be true, I find that these days, Bally is certainly modifying their design concept as far as their bags (and even their shoes!) go. And this tri-toned leather "Dyna" tote caught my eye while I was in Singapore last week. And with the combination of 3 colours, Bally has also jumped on the colour-blocking bandwagon! 

With hardly a black bag in my bag closet, I am a person who is definitely into bright candy colours or pastel colours, well, just colour in general. That said, I am quite fond of the muted colour scheme on this bag, and the patent leather handles offsets the central brown mid-section perfectly! It's stylish, yet versatile -- you can use it either as a tote, or as a document bag; not to mention that it could work just as well for the guy too! Definitely minimalist chic. Love! 

Available via Net-a-Porter for £563.75