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Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2012 Bags

"Montaigne" in Glazed Ombre Croc

Grommeted Ostrich "Montaigne"

Grommeted Ostrich "Veneta" Hobo

Another classic double-flapped BV clutch in Croc

Python & intrecciato bag. I'm guessing that this is another version of the "Montaigne"

Double-flapped clutch in Python with spotted detail

Lizard duffle-like bag with intrecciato patches

Another lizard bag with intrecciato patch

The classic Cabat in Metallic silver

Ombre Cabat in croc + leather

The Verdict: Ultimate luxury is how I would sum up Bottega's Spring/Summer 2012 season. I mean, I think that's pretty straightforward given the number of exotic pieces coming down the BV runway. For Spring/Summer 2012, Creative Director Tomas Maier said that this season was all about technology and experimentation -- a theme that is very evident from the looks of the runway bags. I find the concept of grommeted ostrich rather interesting. As for the lizard totes with the contrast-coloured nappa intrecciato patches, however, I find them quite strange looking. I mean, I love almost all exotic skins, save for croc because I find them too mature, but the lizard bags with woven patch details, are perhaps a little too "experimental" for me. I also love snakeskin bags (python included, but especially watersnake) but the spotted python bags are just too snake-like for me, and makes my skin crawl. Perhaps you can say that I have a very vivid imagination, but when I look at those bags, all I see is a real spotted snake crawling, and ugh I'm already getting the shivers as I type this because I have visions of that in my head now. Perhaps the colour makes it all the more "real" as if it could very well be a REAL live snake.

In terms of the evening clutches, my all-time favourite clutch has always been the knot clutch, but none of them are really tickling my fancy this season. Instead, my favorites are the grommeted ostrich "Veneta" and the "Cabat" in ombre croc + leather combo. What's yours?

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