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Labels , Event Post: Marc Jacobs Dinner & FW11 Presentation

Event Post: Marc Jacobs Dinner & FW11 Presentation

On Wednesday October 12th, Marc Jacobs threw an Appreciation Dinner party cum Fall/Winter 2011-12 presentation for all their VIP customers as well as some members of the press. Held at Teeq restaurant, located at the rooftop level of Lot 10, it was certainly a classy and romantic setting.

The invitation

The Marc Jacobs photo wall

Well this was actually Marc Jacobs spelt out with tiny lightbulbs but all I could get was this...

The exterior of the restaurant with a projector showing the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012 NYFW Catwalk video

The mirrored runway at the centre of the restaurant

The table setting.. Romantic innit?

The Marc Jacobs "menu" atop our dinner plates

The REAL menu

We had Crostini and Sambal, followed by "Othello", which is actually squid ink risotto with king abalone mushroom topped with Canadian bay scallops, and lump fish caviar as our starter. The main course was a choice between Australian tenderloin served on a bed of mash with wild dark mushroom ragout and buttered foie gras, or honey glazed Cod, served with Fried Herb-scented mushrooms and baby brassica. And for our sweet indulgence at the end, mascarpone mousse with dark chic beignets served in a martini glass, and cookies and coffee to finish.

Halfway through our main course, without any warning, the spotlights lights just flashed and the runway show began, with "Beautiful People" as its soundtrack. The catwalk, however was rather slippery, due to the smooth mirrored surface, and the models were trying really hard not to slip, which resulted in dragging their feet at times, creating scuff-marks on the runway. This might not have been as obvious, if it wasn't for my seat right beside the runway.

The "Classic Quilting Cooper" RM4,100. Also available in Nude (as seen on model), Peony and Green

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The Lindy mini Stam RM,6200. Also available in Blackm Soft Lavender, Grey, Blush and Red

You might've noticed the model's Louboutins.  I spotted 3 models with them, and was rather surprised because  I thought that they'd only be wearing Marc Jacobs shoes. 

The Lindy Single RM 3,200. Available in Black, Soft Lavender, Grey,  and Blush

"Quilting Lou" RM 5,700. Available in black (as seen on model) and Nude (shown in pic)

Quilting Saffron Baroque Single RM 3,200;. Available in Gold (seen on model), Pink, Purple and Silver (shown in pic)

Delancey, the Stanton RM 6,400 Also available in Slate

Delancey Eugenie clutch -- my fave from the collection. RM 2,600. Also available in Plum

The Lindy Large Single RM 3,900. Available in Black, Soft Lavender, Grey, Blush (shown in pic) and Red

This was another bag which I thought was quite cute.. I'm a fan of pink, but the baby blue is even more gorgeous! The Grey Nubuck Daphne, RM 8,100.

The Grey Nubuck Edie, RM 9,100. Only available in blue, you might recognize this  from the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011-12 ad campaign featuring Helena Bonham Carter

"June Bug" RM 11,600 only available in Green. And I must say it looks way better up close.

Straight after the runway presentation, Syafinaz came onto the stage to perform a total of 4 songs: "Summertime", an opera aria which I have forgotten the name of, something from Mozart's "Magic Flute" with a heavy drum beat added to it giving it an up-tempo, which really showed her vocal prowess... I mean, those arpeggios were so pitch perfect that I wanted to scream "Bravo!" and give her a standing ovation. She ended her performance with "Time to Say Goodbye".

Syafinaz performing on stage with a look from Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011-12

The bag gallery corridor outside the restaurant peppered with snapshots of artisans working on the iconic "Stam" on both sides of the corridor

If you want to see how the Stam is made, from design to finished product, check out the 4-part video here

When the night ended, I went home with this:

What's in the box?

A leather Marc Jacobs pouch courtesy of Marc Jacobs & Club 21 Malaysia. Thanks!

A truly lavish affair indeed!

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