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Labels , Tod's New Signature Collection Debuts In Stores In Conjunction With Fashion Week

Tod's New Signature Collection Debuts In Stores In Conjunction With Fashion Week

Tod's has just released its latest "Signature Collection" in stores this month in conjunction with FashionWeek, or rather, Fashion Month. Here's Anne Hathaway looking gorgeous in the latest ad campaign for the Signature collection.

Back in July, I attended the Tod's Fall/Winter 2011-12 Press Preview. Apart from the FW 2011 collection, we also had a chance to preview their new Signature collection. Due to the image embargo back then, my hands were tied, and therefore couldn't blog about the collection just yet. And if you remember, last month, I actually gave all of you a teaser shot (with the permission of Tod's of course) of the Signature collection. Now that the embargo has been lifted, I can finally divulge information about this collection!

The Signature Collection, aptly called because, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tod's? Definitely their Gomminos, yes? Well this signature line of handbags and accessories was inspired by the signature Gommino shoe -- yes, the ones with the rubber dot-like things on the soles, called "pebbles" in Tod's speak. So how does this inspiration translate onto the leather goods, you might ask? Well, all the pieces from this Signature Collection actually possess the distinctive feature of the embossed pebbles throughout all the surfaces of the bags and accessories, which creates a lovely texture on the leather or patent leather. To make this pebble-embosssed detail, the artisans actually hammer it by hand! The colour palette for the Signature Collection this Fall/Winter 2011-12 include Navy, Deep Red, and Fuchsia.

Take a look at some of the images of the Signature Collection from the Press Preview below:

My favourite piece in the entire collection - the oversized clutch and in my favourite colour too! I heart this! 

Closeup shot of the pebble-embossed Gommino detail

You're now probably wondering about the price points, yes? Well, the good news is that I've been told they will retail at the normal price range for Tod's bags, and wouldn't be too expensive that it will cost you an arm and a leg.

However those of you Malaysians reading this, don't get too excited just yet. The Signature collection will only debut in KL in December during the Pre-Spring collection, so of course the colour palette would differ from what you see here.

Images courtesy of Tod's
Press Preview photos taken with iPhone 4