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Labels , , Event Post: Gucci's Artisan Corner Event & Store Re-Opening @ KLCC

Event Post: Gucci's Artisan Corner Event & Store Re-Opening @ KLCC

Last Wednesday (September 7th), Stylicious Fashionista was invited to the Official Opening of Gucci's newly relocated store at KLCC. To commemorate this event, Gucci also had the Artisan Corner event in-stores - Malaysia was its first stop! -  where guests (which included the media, VIP customers, and local celebs like Stephanie Chai, Henry Golding, Elaine Daly and Carmen Soo) could get a glimpse at the artisans working on the bags. Yes, the artisans (4 in total) are what I have called "travelling artisans"... well, for this event at least, and will be moving from city-to-city for each leg of the Artisan Corner event.

So here's what went down at the event!

The New Gucci Store @  KLCC

90th Anniversary

Artisan Corner Events around the world

On the left the sketches of the bags on offer during the KL Artisan Corner Event; the leather skins on the right 

Sketches of the bags

Sketch of the Jackie-O

Sketch of the Stirrup Bag from Fall/Winter 2011-12

Sketch of the Bamboo Bag

Detail sketch of the Bamboo Turnlock closure and whipstitched details

Sketch of the Bamboo handle detail

Gucci Artisan working on the handles of the Stirrup bag

The leather on the handles will be wrapped around the rubber tubes to create the rolled handles on the Stirrup bag

The Completed Artisan Corner 2011 Exclusive Bamboo Bag with all the details - tassels, long strap, and mirror in a case

The semi-finished Bamboo bag

Bits and bobs that would go into making the Bamboo Bag

Gucci artisan working on the tassels

Applying glue to the leather, and getting them ready to be rolled into tassels

Piercing holes in the leather

All bags crafted during the Artisan Corner event will come with this leather-embossed "Artisan Corner 2011" patch on the inside of the bag (Colour of leather patch would depend on the colour of the bag)

That's where the Artisan Corner 2011 patch goes on the inside of the Bamboo bag

See those little paper cut-outs? That's the "pattern" so that all of the pieces are of the same length and size

The embossing station. See those Gold and silver tapes there? Customers can have their names or initials embossed on their items either in gold foil or silver foil or blind embossing (which is just embossed onto the leather)

The hot stamping press

The alphabets (just like the Gutenberg press back in the day eh?)

The artisan demonstrating the embossing process

Argh this dude is MAJOR eye candy! Super hot! 

The happy new owner of the Bamboo bag with her name embossed on the  leather case of the mirror that comes with the Bamboo

Thanks Gucci for the invite! I had a fabulous time! xx

Note: I might not be updating the blog in the next two days -- will be on the plane en route to London Fashion Week!

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