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Labels , , , , , , , Bottega Veneta's Men's Fall/Winter 2011-12 Collection

Bottega Veneta's Men's Fall/Winter 2011-12 Collection

The same colour palette, as seen for Bottega Veneta's Men's Fall/Winter 2011-12 RTW collection, was also translated onto the accessories -- we see dark and sombre tones such as Espresso Brown, Stone, Rust, Tourmaline Blue, and Pyrite Grey. The key theme for the bags have to do with the idea of fuss-free minimalism, and above all, practicality.

This briefcase-like shape could definitely work for women too! Think Mulberry's Polly Pushlock

A Duffle-Like bag in Suede

Doesn't this "bolster" shape remind you of Vuitton's Papillon bag (minus the long straps)? For me that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this 

I rather like this one! But I wish the base was slightly narrower and not as broad! 

The Cabat! How cool is it that men are starting to see this in a unisex light? They're significantly more expensive than your regular Bottega bags (which already cost a bomb to begin with!), and I have never been a fan of the shape because I can't help but think market tote when I see this (If you live in Asia you'd totally understand what I mean when I say this!)  but the colour is just gorgeous!! 

Another Cabat! Though I'm not a fan of the loose stringed details that Maier was feeling for both the Men's and Women's F/W 11-12 collection

If you look notice from the photos above, most of the bags (save for the messenger/sling-typed bags) have unisex appeal, especially if you're one who loves bigger bag with broader bases, which are, in my opinion, ideal for travelling (think carry-on luggage for the plane). Since they have unisex appeal, you could definitely save costs and share the bag with your hubby/boyfriend (even better if they're the fashionable sort -- then you could convince them to do the Cabat! ;D) which would then greatly increase the cost per wear. especially since Bottega bags don't come cheap!

Fab idea, no? lol

All images courtesy of Bottega Veneta