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Pre-Spring 2012: Mulberry Bags

The Verdict: We see a Hobo bag that is similar to Mulberry's Mila hobo from the current Spring/Summer 2012; though with the foldover bit at the top it does remind me of the YSL Roady. Apart from that, the usual suspect, the now iconic Alexa, will be available in silky snake print leather, and the latest Bayswater satchel from Fall/Winter 2011-12 spills over into Pre-Spring 2012. The colour palette for Mulberry's bags from this collection seem to be rather Earthy in nature -- lots of tan, cream and black. Because of this, I have to say I prefer the Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection MUCH more -- love the different shades and gradients of greens for Fall/Winter! Oh, and speaking of which, some bags from the F/W collection are already in stores in KL! Though I'm quite disappointed that the Bayswater satchel in Pheasant Green will not be brought into KL... =( boohoo..

Images courtesy of Mulberry