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Resort 2012: Fendi Bags

Fendi presented a predominantly white, blue and mustard colour palette in terms of the Ready-to-Wear. For its bags, those that have been carried over from this season's Spring/Summer 2011 include the Silvana and the 2Bag. That aside, the focus for Fendi's Resort 2012 collection seems to be on the new Boston-shaped bag. Clearly, the Karlmeister is still feeling the current colour blocking trend for Resort 2012 with mostly bi-toned bags, with white as its main colour.

The Verdict: I am a fan of colour blocking (always have been) but I would've preferred less use of whites to colour block, because to me, white really is a non-colour, and honestly, a little safe when one is colour blocking. Yes, can you tell? I love colours. LOL. Perhaps the bag I love most from Fendi's Resort 2012 collection is the foldover clutch. Which is YOUR favourite?

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