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Resort 2012: Celine Bags

The Verdict: Phoebe Philo, to me, is the woman with the magic touch; someone who has the ability to single-handedly turn a brand around (whether it be an under-the-radar designer, or one that is just trying to stay afloat) and convert it into a brand that will not only get it noticed by the Fashion Pack and get them excited, and have them worshipping at the temples of the brand that she happens to "turn-around".

For Resort 2012, we see a variant of the Celine bi-toned cabas. However, what I really cannot understand at all, is what appears to be a bag that is made entirely of coloured strips, that remind me of fabric/leather/material swatches. The result? Something that straddles patchwork and colour blocking. Perhaps what Philo is attempting to do is to make a statement that colour blocking is way too overdone? But one can't help but wonder, is it really wise to do so at the expense of one's own creation and the reputation of the brand that one is working at? Hmm...

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