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Cruise 2012: Louis Vuitton

The Verdict: I haven't been loving Louis Vuitton for a LONG time, so I was really stunned when I saw the Cruise 2012 collection. It's fun, quirky, and oh so retro, and me likey! Love the hats, and the leopard printed helmets (perhaps the Vuitton girl is going around on a vespa?). And Okay, so some things like leather, tweed and fur don't really make sense simply because it's Cruise season when everyone's supposed to be out having fun in the sun, but then again, I ain't here to comment on the clothes, but the BAGS. The shape of the season seems to be the saddle-esque bag (which seems to come in all sizes, including a clutch) as well as a variant of the latest Speedy Bandouliere in solid colours. But what I love most are the nylon bags with the Eiffel Tower sketch on them -- oh so fun and oh so cute! Though the nylon looks a little cheap and not at all classy like Prada and Tod's nylon bags.

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